Go Green: Join the Vinho Verde Revolution

17 junho 2022

'Mateus and Lancers, both in fancy bottles, used to be the only Portuguese wines any of us knew about. More and better Portuguese wines are coming into the United States now, and with the changing of the seasons, it?s time to understand Vinho Verde.

If you?ve spent any time in the Portuguese section of your favorite wine shop, you?re a little bit familiar with Vinho Verde. If you haven?t spent any time shopping this section, why not? Get there for fantastic wines at great prices. Among them is a wine that most who?ve travelled to Portugal recall with fond memories. It?s called Vinho Verde, translated as Green Wine. It?s typically, but not always, a young, very easy drinking white wine, slightly sweet, a bit fizzy, and above all, cheap. Like under ten bucks a bottle cheap.

After a trip to Portugal where people basked in the sun at a beachside café, they often recall this magical and marvelously inexpensive wine. What they often recall is the memory of the moment and that it was the place and time that made this simple wine so special. Frankly, a lot of Vinho Verde used to be just simply OK. Now, Vinho Verde is experiencing a revolution that?s transforming this simple wine into something worthy of your attention'


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